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Membership and Pricing

CrossFit 24 Membership and Pricing

CrossFit 24 is dedicated to developing athletes who are interested in competing against time, age, obesity, illness, and disease. We believe this competition is one, which if lost, forfeits health, flexibility, movement, metabolic condition and mobility. Victory is a celebration of functional fitness resulting in strength, endurance, speed, and power. It is a contest for life that no one can afford to lose!

Our trainers are prepared to invest in your fitness goals and ultimate competition, but in return we have certain expectations of our members:


  • We highly recommend all NEW members complete a “focus” course. This course will evaluate your general physical fitness, range of motion, metabolic condition, and train you in CrossFit programming. Once you have demonstrated safety, efficacy, and efficiency in all 9 functional movements you will graduate to the group workouts of the day or WODs.

  • We have an expectation that once you establish a schedule with our trainers you will maintain that schedule to the best of your ability. There is a great deal of empirical data that suggests continuity in physiological response is critical to fitness. If you wish to win the competition against time, age, obesity, illness, and disease then you must commit yourself!


CrossFit 24 Membership –

       -Individual Unlimited: $124.00/month

       -Family: $186 ($93 each)

       -Military/First Responders: $99.00

       -College Students: $79

       -High School Students: $39


       -5 visits: $40 dollars

Drop In

       -$20/$10 Kids



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