Coach Lauren


Lauren has always been an endurance athlete, all the way until college where she was a NCAA Nordic skiier and on the way cross country and track teams. She also competed in triathlons over the summers, with goals of completing an Ironman and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.
Four stress fractures later, Lauren decided her body was not designed to be a long distance runner. When she started CrossFit it was very hard for her to understand that you could workout for only ten minutes and get a very solid workout in. So, for her first two years of CrossFit she would go on a six mile run after class. (Not recommended).
Because Nordic Skiing is such a strength based sport, (think uphill skiing and technical downhills), Lauren had a solid background in strength training. This is what initially got her into CrossFit- she loved throwing the barbell around and feeling "strong."
Fives years after starting CrossFit, she became a true believer that less is more when it comes to volume. She loves competing at the gym and at local competitions. CrossFit is an awesome sport, because anyone can do it, and no matter where you are in your fitness journey you will always set your own goals and be your own biggest competitor!

CrossFit Certifications

CrossFit Level 1